• Navajo double row-cuff with 26 Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones. #1594

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    What a prize!  We acquired this from a client who traded it in on a squash-blossom necklace, partly because it was too large for her wrist, and partly because we had a squash that she felt she couldn't live without.  She very wisely did not attempt to shape it, so it is in perfect condition (though tarnished 'till the Drifter 'detailed' it).  We've had it stashed away for 5 or 6 years, and the client said she had it about that long as well.  So it's not pawn, and it's not vintage but it's not new either.  It has 26 perfect, tight, Sleeping Beauty-mine turquoise stones.  That mine closed in 2012, so these stones are worth a lot on their own.  Total inside circumference is 7 and 1/8th-inches—including the 'gap' in the cuff.  So the wearer needs a seven-inch to may-be a 7.25-inch total wrist circumference.  This classic cuff has way too many settings to be attempting to shape it into a different size, which would surely disturb the integrity of those settings.  We'd rather keep it in our stash of special pieces rather than sell it to someone it doesn't fit.  Don't bend your nice Native-American cuffs out of shape to force them to fit.  Rather, buy something else that DOES fit.  Measure twice; buy once.  This baby weighs a respectable 108-grams, or 3.8-ounces.  Almost a quarter-pound.  Remember, there's a reason a Mercedes is heavy.  Hallmarked "R."  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy—a lot.