• Older Navajo turquoise hatband with ten Sterling conchos. Hat not included. #2489

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    The Drifter wore this hatband at the "hundredth" Cheyenne Frontier Days.  He thoughtfully didn't wear it to the Cheyenne 'Frontier Nights' show so as to not distract Garth onstage.  It's a dazzler (both the hatband and the festivities).  It's made old-school-like using thicker-gauge Sterling for all ten conchos, and carefully shaping each concho to fit around the edges of the pure leather band.  Each concho weighs 14.7 to 14.8 grams.  Including the leather band, this hatband weighs 167-grams, or 5.89-ounces—probably lighter than a diamond tiara and just as 'purty.  It currently fits on a size 7.25 100X beaver hat—which is NOT included in this offering.  'Might fit differently on a summer straw.  We're willing to include having our bookmaker make a new adjustable leather band that the conchos will slide onto.  Hallmarked with the letter "C" over and below the "Sterling" stamp.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.