Navajo necklace with large No. 8 Mine turquoise stones, by Gilbert Tom. Earrings NOT included (they sold separately). SOLD! #1762

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These big, perfect turquoise stones are harder to come-by and expensive.  And master Navajo silversmith Gilbert Tom surrounded these beautiful No. 8 Mine stones with his signature hand-stamped, big flange, old-style silver work.  This kind of crafting takes a deft hand and many years of experience.  The earrings that accompany the necklace would be quite expensive on their own.  End-to-end it is 24-inches, but that big teardrop-shaped bottom pendant adds 3.5-inches, making the total hang length from the back of the neck approximately 14 to 14.5-inches.  The necklace itself weighs 112-grams, or 3.95-ounces.  It is hallmarked "Gilbert Tom" in cursive.  As usual, USPS Priority shipping is complimentary within the U.S.  International shipping is borne by buyer.