Navajo pendant-necklace and earring set by Augustine Largo. SOLD! #2477

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SOLD!  Isn't this the cat's meow.  All six of the turquoise stones were cut from the same ore originating from the Kingman, Arizona turquoise mine and are perfect.  Augustine Largo, our favorite squash-blossom necklace maker, created an old-style patina on the Sterling, which actually highlights the turquoise.  End-to-end, this necklace is 39.5-inches, but the bottom two pendants add an additional 3.25-inches to the hang length.  Thus, it will hang about 20-inches down from the back of one's neck.  The bottom pendant is 1.75-inches long, and the other pendants are 1 and 3/8th's-inches long.  The necklace weighs 51-grams, or 1.56-ounces.  Each earring is one-inch long (not counting the hangers), and weighs 5.7-grams, or .35-ounces.  Overall, this is a beautiful set at a very attractive price.  Oh, and the Drifter had Augustine make it with a thicker-gauge, heavy-duty Sterling chain!  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.