• Navajo size-7 turquoise ring by Joe Tso. #2361

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    This is one of Joe Tso-made rings we acquired a few years back from an old trading post in New Mexico.  All were somewhat tarnished but easily cleaned-up.  The silversmithing is nice—akin to the artisan known as Chimney Butte.  It's stylishly traditional—which we prefer.  The turquoise is likely a colorful vein of the Kingman, Arizona turquoise mine.  This ring is probably 15 to twenty years old.  The black anodizing is slightly faded, but barely noticeable. The price reflects such.  It is an exact size 7, but the thinner band is narrow enough to fit up into the crease between the finger and the hand, allowing a slightly larger finger size—maybe a 7 and 1/8-or-so.  The face of the ring is 1 and 3/8th's-inches lengthwise and 1 and 1/8th-inches across the middle.  Weight is 11-grams, or .39-ounces.  Hallmark "TSO" in a stylish, cursive font.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S,