• No. 8 Mine turquoise Navajo earrings. #1925

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    Well, well, what have we got here?  No. 8 Mine turquoise is a little expensive to be used in earrings.  It is usually reserved for pendants, lariats, and cuffs.  But yet, here they are.  Be the first in your block to wear a pair.  Here the artisan put together one heck of a snazzy pair of earrings.  Notice the thickness of the Sterling backplate.  These babies are as smooth as a Porsche's silhouette.  Length is a hair over 1.25-inches long, and they are 7/8th's of-an-inch at the widest point.  Each weighs 7.3-grams, or .26-ounces.  Hallmarked "RL," with the L a little lower than the R.  They ship for free via USPS tracked Priority box.  You are very welcome.