Old-style Navajo earrings with webbed Larimar. SOLD! #1322

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SOLD!  Larimar is from the Dominican Republic.  In fact, it is igneous-formed and found only in a volcano there.  The Drifter has to go there and lower himself down into the glowing caldron and chip-away a little of the stuff, and then pull himself back out without being splashed by red-hot magma.  And with the cut-back in air travel-and-all he has to swim over there and back as well.  Larimar has been used by artisans for thousands of years.  And if you are a larimar fan, you'll like these unusually beautiful earrings.  The blotchy spider-web puts them a cut above most.  And they are priced the same as turquoise here, instead of the higher price of larimar.  Each earring is an inch-long, and three-quarters-of-an-inch at the widest point.  Weight per earring is 6.3-grams, or .22-ounces.  They have the hand-stamped hallmark, "Elouise Kee."