• Older, 26-stone Navajo trophy cuff with actual Sleeping Beauty turquoise, by Ben Touchine. #2139


    This 26-stone masterpiece by Ben Touchine, who was born in 1933 and passed to the other side in 2013 at age 80.  He lived in the Navajo village of Church Rock, New Mexico on the Navajo reservation, adjacent to the Navajo Red Rocks Park and amphitheater.  When on the Navajo res, the Drifter 'camps' within sight of the rock outcropping that is the village's namesake (see 4th pic).  We don't know exactly how old this trophy is, and the silver was very dark and tarnished before cleaning it somewhat.  A lot of internet dealers might bally-hoo this piece as "vintage," like so many used pieces you see mis-labeled as such.  The truth is that very, very few of these are true 'vintage' pieces.  Vintage Native American jewelry is that which was made in the 1960's or prior, according to the Heard Museum's vintage Native American jewelry department.  True vintagewhen you can find itis very expensive and has mostly gravitated to collectors and museums.  The turquoise in this piece would not be this color blue if it was over a half-century old.  But this amazing cuff is certainly no spring chicken.  People who will consider acquiring this cuff will know their native jewelry, and they will know it's a rare find.  It's 2 and 1/8th-inches wide across the top.  It weighs a very respectable 90.2-grams, or 3.18-ounces.  Inside circumference (including the 'gap') is 6.75-inches.  The lucky person whom this will fit properly (don't buy it to bend it!) needs a wrist circumferencemeasured around the wristboneof 6 and 5/8's to a snug 6 and 7/8th's, and, very, very good taste!  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.   Enjoy!