• Older 27-stone Navajo cluster cuff w/pristine Sleeping Beauty turquoise. #2383a

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    A good photo is nice, but to really discern quality you must hold it in your hand.  You'll know it when you feel it—literally and figuratively.  This cuff exudes quality.  The real Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones (the mine closed in 2012) here are flawless—no fissures or cracks.  Gauging from the slight greenish hue creeping into some of those stones (which takes a while!), it has some age.  Not enough to be considered true "vintage (Native jewelry make prior to 1970)," but certainly an older piece.  It weighs an impressive 103-grams, or 3.62-ounces.  We acquired it about 10-years ago from a well- respected trading post in Tse Bonito, New Mexico—just outside the Navajo Rez.  It's been in our 'keeper' box since.  Total inside circumference is 6 and 5/8th's-inches.  The fortunate person it will fit must have a 6.5-inch to a 6.75-inch wrist circumference—measured around the wrist bone.  Don't risk disturbing the integrity of all those settings by attempting to shape it differently.  If your wrist measurement doesn't fall into those parameters this cuff is not for you.   Measure twice; buy once.  It's 2 and 1/8th-inches lengthwise across, and is 3.25-inches wide edge-to-edge.  This trophy is priced below today's value.  Cuffs like this have become scarce.  Hallmarked with a distinctive "R," believed to be Richard Hoskie.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy!