• Older heavy-silver traditional Navajo five-stone row cuff with No. 8 Mine turquoise. SOLD! #2305a

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    SOLD!  This may be the best bargain on this website.  We've had this baby carefully put-away for about twenty years.  It had older Sleeping Beauty turquoise that was changing hue due to age, with two cracked stones needing to be replaced. We'd hoped to someday come across similarly-aged and color-hued Sleeping Beauty stones, but hadn't.  So the Drifter chose some nice No. 8 Mine stones awhile back and changed-out all the stones with the No. 8 turquoise.  It looks better than ever now— a real knock-out.  If it would fit the Drifter, it wouldn't be posted here!  This is an older cuff—probably made in the 80's—may-be the 70's.  If it was made prior to the seventies, the Sterling silver frame would be considered "vintage."  It's a heavy cuff at three-and-a-half-ounces (almost 100 grams).  Somewhat typical of older Native Jewelry where the maker made it to wear—not to sell to tourists—it has no discernible hallmark.  This cuff's total inside circumference—including the 1 and 1/8th-inch 'gap'—is 6 and 5/8th's-inches.  Thus, the wearer needs a total wrist circumference, measured around the wrist bone, of 6.5-to 6.75-inches.  Due to the sturdy, heavy-silver frame, it won't lend to adjusting (you really shouldn't anyway).  Measure twice; buy once.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  This cuff really 'pops!'