• Older Navajo chipped-inlay size 7.5 turquoise ring. #2337

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    This finely-channeled inlay ring required substantial cleanup.  It had been in our box of old rings for a very long time—maybe 2 or 3 decades (we just came across the box emptying an old cabinet!).  Chipped inlay reached its apex in the 70's when Tommy Singer popularized it (some say he invented it).  There's no telling what mine the turquoise is from, but its certainly American turquoise.  It is 1 and 7/16th's-inches long (al-most an inch-and-a-half).  It's a half-inch wide across the middle.  Weight is 6.5-grams, or .225-ounces.  We likely got this out of dead pawn, as it has no visible hallmark.  This was somebody's ring, not made to sell.  No need to stamp it to enhance the appeal.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.