Older Navajo double-overlay shadowbox pawn cuff. #1572

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This brings back some memories.  'Used to see a lot of carefully-crafted, double-overlay cuffs kinda like this.  Not so much now.  Collectors, Native people, etc. have snapped 'em up.  Classic in shape and style, the maker employed the go-to turquoise at the time—Sleeping Beauty.  It's an eye-catcher and is in a whole 'nutter category as the lightweight, often boring cuffs shops are full of now.  If it was a half-inch larger size, it would stay put right here.  The total inside circumference—including the 'gap' in the cuff—is 6.75-inches.  A women's medium or a man's 'skinny.'  The way this is constructed—with two distinct layers of Sterling silver—pretty-much prevents it from being adjusted.  Maybe inward to a 6 and 5/8th's, but that would be it.  So measure twice and buy once.  It is 1 and 7/8th's-inches across at the top.  Weight is a very respectable 99-grams, or 3.49-ounces.  Hallmarked.  Always complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.