• Older Navajo turquoise size 7.25 pawn ring. SOLD! #1606

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    SOLD!  This older ring has a beautiful and perfect large turquoise stone; an intricate, hand-stamped (AND scalloped) tall bezel surrounding the thicker stone, and a thick-gauge shank.  Size is a wee-bit larger that 7.25, but because of the thicker-than-usual band it may fit a tiny-bit tighter, so a 7.25-inch ring finger size is appropriate.  It came out of the little-opened Drifter's box of goodies he has been trying to hold back for 10 or 15 years—knowing the day would come when examples of exquisite Navajo hand-made jewelry like this would become very hard to find.  Maybe that day has come?  The turquoise appears to be from the Turquoise Mountain mine, but it possible could be from a nice vein of the Kingman Mine.  The stone is large and showy.  It measures an inch long and a little over a half-inch wide.  Weight is over a half-ounce, at 16-grams, or .56-ounces.  Hallmarked inside the band with a crisp "MT" in caps.  This is one of those items that a photograph simply does not do it justice.  The price above is well under what the trading post originally wanted for this beautiful ring.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy.