• 70's era peyote bird turquoise and red coral chipped-inlay Navajo earrings. #2351a

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    We resurrected (see 2nd pic) these out a drawer of old goodies.  Had 'em for many years.    They have old-fashioned hangers that appear to do the job quite well, but at the buyer's choosing we'll put on new, modern hangers.  They are older but not 'vintage,' as this style didn't originate until the 1970's.  It was during the 70's that the legendary Navajo jewelry designer and maker Tommy Singer started creating channels in silver jewelry and inserting crushed turquoise and coral into those channels, then smoothing-out the resulting designs.  The peyote bird (originally called "water bird") became a favorite motif for Singer and other Native jewelers emulating him—such as the artisan who created these.  We hand-cleaned and polished these with nothing more than a jewelry wipe cloth (the kind we include in every order).  If you like the tarnished look better, just sit 'em out on your patio for awhile.  We like the dazzling, polished look, though.  They're ready to wear on 'Dancing with the Stars!'   Not counting any type of hanger, these earrings are 1 and 7/8th's-inches long and just shy of a half-inch across at the widest part.  Weight per earring is only 3.2-grams, or .11-ounces—light as a peyote bird's feather!  Theres an old hallmark on the backside of one of the earrings that is hard to discern.  An A-something.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.