• Older thick-gauge Navajo turquoise cuff. #1905

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    Here's a dandy three-and-a-quarter-ounce older cuff with a large, strikingly attractive turquoise stone.  The turquoise could be Royston or it could be Kingman—or perhaps it's from a long-gone mine.  The total inside circumference—including the 'gap'—is 6.25-inches.  It's a little thick to be shaping it—and besides, we don't believe in bending cuffs to fit (buy them to fit instead!).  Thus, a good wrist size (total circumference around the wrist bone) is 6 and 1/8th to 6.25-inches.  This had a "Vintage" tag on it when we acquired it out of a old trading post.  But 'vintage' is another one of those words that sellers are using way too liberally for our tastes, so we'll stick with 'older' in this case.  It is 2 and 3/8th's-inches lengthwise across the top.  It weighs 95-grams, or 3.25-ounces.  Hallmarked "EG."  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.