• Original, signed, Goldcraft earrings by legendary Navajo artisan Tommy Singer. #2495

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    When you are really, really serious about Navajo jewelry.  Starting in the 1960's, there has never been a bigger name in the world of Navajo jewelry than the late and great Tommy Singer.  He was known world-wide (and still is).  Tommy was instrumental in the rise in popularity of Native American jewelry.  After his crossing to the other side in 2014 his widow Rosita; his daughter Charlene and her husband Allen have continued Tommy's legacy, using Tommy's original designs, and his personal tools, to very accurately re-create his art under the hallmark "T&R Singer."  But these earrings are not that.  These are the real deal, made by Tommy Singer himself and acquired personally by the Drifter from Tommy himself.  The Drifter wears an old Tommy Singer belt buckle and watchband, and he acquired Tommy's personal bolo tie from Rosita as well.  But other than those personal items (and a pair of small, clip-on earrings) these are the very last original, signed Tommy Singer pieces we have.  These beauties are 1 and 15/16th's-inches long and an inch wide at the bottom.  They aren't flat, rather, they are gently curved outward, resulting in a rich, three-dimensional appearance.  Each earring weighs 6.6-grams, or .23-ounces. And that's real gold-fill—not gold plate.  It won't wear off.  'No need to go to the Heard Museum to view historical Navajo jewelry—just put 'em on and look in the mirror.  Hallmarked "T. SINGER" and "GOLDCRAFT."  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy!