• Original, signed, unworn Tommy Singer "GOLDCRAFT" earrings. #2354a

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        We keep holding onto our few remaining original Tommy Singer items—all acquired from Tommy himself as a result of the Drifter's friendship with The Legend.  But little-by-little they are slipping away.  These are one of two remaining pair of smaller rectangles—the ones above were still in the little plastic bags Tommy inserted them into and stapled shut, but those old plastic bags were getting wrinkly and opaque—so we took 'em out to get a better photo.   Arguably, Tommy Singer is the most famous Navajo jewelry designer and maker—ever.  During the 60's and 70's he and some of his contemporaries awakened the world to the beauty and artistry of Native American jewelry.  He endured as a trend-setter 'til the day he passed to the other side in 2014.  Tommy had lived his entire life within a few feet of the hogan in which he was born.  His life was cut short when he ran off the road on his motorcycle while delivering custom-made Tommy Singer editions of Harley Davidson jewelry.  Tommy was a larger-than-life figure.  He had a positive influence on all who knew him.  These tasteful earrings are an inch long, and three-quarter's-of-an-inch across.  They are curved gently outward, and are overlay construction with actual 12kt. gold-fill.  Hallmarked "T. SINGER GOLDCRAFT."  Complimentary shipping within the U.S.