Phillip Yazzie' Ocean Jasper Navajo earrings. SOLD! #2479

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SOLD!  The Drifter had to paddle a long way for these.  Ocean Jasper was apparently only discovered in 1999 off the northeast coast of Madagascar—only at low tide.  It is the result of mineral-rich water permeating volcanic ash and crystalizing.  Uh, we really don't see much of it ('ya think?) and kinda' trusted Phillip Yazzie's eye here.  If he likes it, it must be good.  And if you are in to metaphysics, it is known as the stone of "joy."  It brings it, we are happy to tell you.  These are about an inch long and half as wide.  Hallmarked "PY." Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.