• Pink conch shell half-cluster Navajo bar necklace. SOLD! #2303

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    SOLD!  Before he became a bit long in the tooth, this time of the year might find the Drifter in Huatulco or Akumal at an open-air, straw roof 'pequeno cafe' sipping a Paloma and eating some coconut-fried conch. We always pronounced it 'conk.'  This pendant is made from the shell of that delicacy.  The pink conch—also known as 'queen' conch—shell has also been used for jewelry in some latitudes, but it is currently enjoying a surge in popularity amongst Native America artisans.  And why not?  It's beautiful!  Also, half-cluster jewelry is stealing a little of the glamor of full-circle cluster pendants as well.  End-to-end, the above bar necklace is 16.75-inches, but the 1 and 1/8th-inch depth of the pendant itself adds that much to the 'hang' length.  It is1.75-inches wide and weighs 26.2-grams, or .92-ounces.  It has a more-expensive heavy-duty chain and is hallmarked by our favorite squash-blossom necklace maker.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Salud!