• Pink conch shell heart pendant by Navajo artisan Alfred Martinez. #2355

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    This beautiful pendant will melt your heart.  'Luscious gradients of pinkish hue accompanied by deft silversmithing—created by one of the Navajo Martinez family silversmiths.  And, it comes with an 18-inch, solid Sterling silver box chain.  Not counting the 3/8th's-inch inside diameter bale, this pendant is 1 and 5/8th's-inches long.  With the bale it is 2.25-inches long.  At the widest point it is 1 and 9/16th's-inches.  The Sterling has been rubbed into a slight satiny patina—further highlighting the rich pink color of the shell.  Weight of the pendant is 22.5-grams, or .79-ounces.  Hallmarked "AM."  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.