Ray Jack medium-large nighttime "spirit in the sky" inlay pendant (shown with optional 5mm, 22-inch burnished Sterling Navajo "pearl" bead chain). SOLD! #1726

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SOLD!  Wow.  This would really look sharp if worn on something white—or blue.  Ray Jack makes eye-catching jewelry.  Here is his take on a Kachina face spirit-in-the-sky.  In the background are all those Sterling silver stars.  It's not a wimpy pendant.  Thickness is 3/8th's inches!  And it has an artsy bale with its own turquoise stone.  Not counting that bale, the pendant is almost 2.25-inches long.  It is 1.75-inches across at the widest point. Large for some; medium for others.  Weight is a respectable 37.2-grams, or 1.31-ounces.  Hallmarked "RAY JACK" in all caps.  And, it ships with an 18-inch, solid Sterling silver box chain (about a $40 retail value).  It is pictured here with an optional 5mm, 22-inch burnished Sterling Silver Navajo "pearl" bead chain—which can be substituted for the box chain for an additional $120.  Call or text if you wish to exercise this option, and we will adjust the online price to  the Navajo pearl beads.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.