Quality turquoise Navajo stocking stuffers, $99 ea. plus $10 shipping.


Top right square earrings have sold!

These little buggers are done with quality, hand-picked turquoise and most are made by two of our favorite silversmiths—Elouise Kee or Augustine Largo (the ribbon turquoise and the square ones at the top are made by Judith Dixon and Virginia Becenti, respectively).   Each pair is hallmarked.  The pictured quarter coins are one-inch in diameter, so you can see that each one of these pairs is less than an inch.  If any one or all of these suit your fancy text the Drifter at 817 456 5600 with your choice.  Shipping is NOT included, but for a flat $10 shipping charge (per total purchase and applied at checkout) we will securely pack and mail via USPS tracked small Priority box.  Thus, should you purchase multiple pieces on the same transaction, you will incur only a single shipping fee.