• Richard Singer' long and lean double overlay Sterling and turquoise Kokopelli. #2389a

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    Richard Singer's lineage would be Navajo royalty if there was such a thing.  The son of legendary Tommy Singer, R.I.P., Richard has charted his own course for a long time, long before his father's untimely passing to the other side in 2014.  But the overall Singer style and influence remains.  The Drifter has never met Richard, but passed by his home (2nd pic) on the Arizona side of the Navajo Rez many times on his way to see Tommy when the latter was still with us.  Richard's work is slightly more minutely detailed than that of his father—which is saying a lot—as evidenced by the finely-detailed piece above.  There's lots of stories about the hunch-backed, flute-playing Kokopelli of Hopi origin—all having to do with fertility of both agriculture and tribal women.  His popularity is amazingly widespread—you may have noticed him on Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) wall in "Breaking Bad."  Not counting the hand-stamped 5/8th's-inch inside diameter bale, this Kokopelli is 2 and 3/8th's-inches long (3 and 3/8th's-inches with the bale!).  It weighs 13.1-grams, or .5-ounces.  It ships with an 18-inch solid-Sterling box chain that doesn't do the piece justice.  And we'll send you this dude complimentary, via USPS tracked Priority box.  Oh, and we only have this one!