Robert Shakey' large teardrop-shaped old-style hand-stamped and reverse-stamped repousse' pendant with No. 8 Mine turquoise. SOLD! #1824

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Note: Price above is for pendant only.  The pictured 5mm, 24-inch, burnished Sterling silver Navajo 'pearl' bead chain is optional at $111 additional cost.  Call or text PRIOR to purchase and we can change the listing to reflect the additional of the optional 'pearls.'

SOLD!  My, what an attractive piece.  The stunningly beautiful pendant is 'just right.'  The wide flange that has both hand-stamping and reverse-stamped repousse', when done in the old-style patina, sets a very high standard.  Not counting the generously-sized bale, it is 2 and 5/8th's-inches long, and 1 and 5/8th's-inches across at the widest point.  It has a Sterling rope surround at the base of the bezel.  Last but far from least, is that magnificent, perfect No. 8 Mine turquoise stone with lots of beautiful copper matrix.  It's nice—real nice!  This pendant weighs 27-grams, or .94-ounces.  Hallmarked "ROBERT SHAKEY" in all caps.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.   International shipping costs are borne by purchaser.