• Six-stone ribbon turquoise pendant necklace and matching earrings, by Navajo artisan Augustine Largo. #2069

    Here's another quietly elegant necklace set by one of our favorite Navajo jewelry makers. The slightly greenish ribbons of turquoise are placed in a balanced geometric fashion.  All eyes will be on this beauty when worn—especially given the strikingly colorful earrings.  Also, the necklace has a nice heavy-duty chain as well.  Weight of the necklace is 60.5-grams, or 2.13-ounces.  Weight of each earring is 6.4-grams, or .21-ounces.  End-to-end-length is 22-inches.  Add to that the 3.5-inch drop of the last two pendants, and it should hang approximately 12.5-to-13-inches down from the back of one's neck.  Hallmarked "AL" on both earrings and the necklace.  You probably already know this is a heck of a price.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.