• Tia Long' Size 8 (but slightly adjustable) Navajo turquoise hand-stamped ring. #1857

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    What a beautiful ring!  The turquoise has a greenish-enough tint to be from the Royston Mine, but there is just enough blue traces for me to think it is a colorful vein of Kingman turquoise.  The turquoise is stunning, but so is the silver-smithing surrounding the ring.  It's the type of silverwork that might usually be employed on a very expensive large lariat necklace.  And the bezeling is done with a time-consuming-to-make sawtooth construction.  It is a size 8, but you'll notice in the last pic that the nice double-wide band is made to adjust somewhat.  It doesn't appear to be able to go much smaller, but it will probably go a size or two larger.  The face of the ring is 1.75-inches long, and an inch and one-eighth wide.  Weight is 18.5-grams, or .65-ounces.  Hallmarked "TL." Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.