• Size 9 Navajo dead-pawn turquoise ring. #1942

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    Here's a little older Navajo ring with traditional silver styling and very attractive turquoise stone.  It is a bit older (maybe 10 or 15 years—but certainly not made in the 60's or prior, like what true "vintage" Native American jewelry actually is), so we're not going to speculate on the mine from whence it came.  'Could be Royston; could be Kingman; or could be something else.  Pretty, though.  This ring is a good value.  It's substantial at 15.74-grams, or .555-ounces.  It has a strange hallmark consisting of a "B" over a "C," with the C seemingly turned backwards. 'Could be Bernice Chavez.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.