Sleek White Buffalo Navajo pendant w/Sterling chain, by Augustine Largo. #2162

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We prefer a little more black matrix in our real White Buffalo for contrast, but some people don't.  So in the Drifter's continual effort to be more accommodating, open-minded and tolerant of others' tastes, we offer this nearly-clear stone in a well-made, traditional pendant. 'Have to admit, it does look pretty darn nice.  Not counting the bale it is two-inches long.  Width is 1 and 1/16th-inches across at the widest portion.  Weight is 18.8-grams, or .66-ounces.  It ships with an 18-inch, solid Sterling box chain and is hallmarked "Auggie L" in cursive stamp (which is a hallmark he used for awhile, before going back to "AL").  'Guess that makes this one more collectable!  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.