• Slightly older, thick-gauge Sterling Navajo bolo tie w/custom tips, extra thick lanyard and Sleeping Beauty turquoise. SOLD! #2459

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    SOLD!  We got this around Winslow, Arizona about ten or twelve years ago.  The Drifter's been keepin' it with his personal stuff and wearing it now and then.  You don't see thick-gauge Sterling bolos much anymore.  You really don't see lanyards made this thick with lots of strands and with real leather.  And then there's those big custom-made Sterling silver tips.  Somebody made this to wear—not to sell.  ALSO, it has the traditional "keeper" on the back of the bolo to hold the lanyard where you want it (see 2nd photo above).   We cannot stand those mechanical flip-up keepers that dig into the lanyard every time you use 'em.  All-in-all this trophy bolo 'kinda puts those dinky tourist bolos to shame (and we feel sorry for the lads and lassies that buy and wear them).  This fine, hand-stamped bolo will look equally good on a man or a woman.  Total length is 39.5-inches, including the tips.  The Drifter would prefer it to be a tad longer.  But he's tall and lanky (and long in the tooth and cranky!).  The face of the bolo itself is 3.5-inches long, and 3 and1/8th-inches wide.  It's not flat, but rather is outwardly 'domed.'  That fancy leather lanyard is a full 3/8th's-inches wide.  The entire bolo—including lanyard and tips—is 151-grams, or 5.6-ounces.  'Don't see a hallmark, but that's in line with it being made as a personal piece.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.   Enjoy!