• Slightly older turquoise size-7 ring by Joe Tso. SOLD! #2433

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    SOLD!  This is a another ring acquired out of a ring case in one of the older trading posts in New Mexico, where we snared a couple of Joe Tso's pieces.  All were a little tarnished, requiring some cleanup that brought them back to looking close to the day it was made.  The origin of the turquoise is likely Kingman or Turquoise Mountain.  It's probably 10 to  20 years old—a little prior to the advent of lesser quality bling-type jewelry hitting the scene.  Joe Tso is known as a master Navajo silversmith and this ring demonstrates his skill—and the skill of other Native silversmiths who continue making 'traditional' jewelry.  'Nothing minimalist, cheap, touristy or 'bling' about this jewel.  This is a classy ring with a beautiful stone close to its natural state—it may appear a little rough on the face for those who are used to a highly buffed, glassy-smooth surface that has unfortunately become the norm.  It is a hair over 1.25-inches longways, and 1 and 1/8th-inches width-wise.  Because the band is fairly narrow it will fit up into the crease between one's finger and hand, likely enabling a person with a 7 and 1/8th or-so finger size to wear it.  It is hallmarked "Tso (pronounced "So") in cursive stamp.  Weight is 13-grams, or .46-ounces. Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.