Sterling Navajo earrings with striped mahogany color spiney oyster shell. #1158

These are, once again, the most beautiful spiney oyster earrings…ever!  Seriously, they have a very, very striking appearance.  The striped mahogany color is hard to find.  Look around for yourself and see how many can be found.  It's another example of why the Drifter loads-up his pal, Max, and drives out to Navajoland to personally select everything you see here.  It would be easier to order over the phone—or the web in some cases—but where is the fun in that?  Anyway, these dazzling beauties are almost an inch-and-a-quarter long, and each is 5/8th's inches at the widest point.  They weigh 4.7-grams, or .165-ounces each, and they are hallmarked by a well-known Navajo lady who is a perfectionist as well.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.