Sterling Navajo Naja French-hook earrings. #2144

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We cringe a little when we borrow the following overused phrase, but these are indeed some 'fun' earrings (whew, can't believe I just said that!).  Anyway, you'll enjoy wearing them.  They are cast, so they aren't very expensive—you'll never miss the money.  Those little pieces of turquoise are quite smooth and uniform and are likely fashioned from a compressed turquoise block, but they serve their eye-catching purpose well.  Not counting the Sterling French hooks, they are a tad over an inch-and-one-eighth-inches long.  At the widest part, they are also 1 and 1/8th's-inches.  Each earring weighs 6-grams, or .21-ounces.  They are hallmarked on the back with an "R" on one arm of the Naja, and a "T" on the other side.  There are several Navajo artisans that use an "RT" stamp as a hallmark, so we won't hazard a guess as to which one.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.