Sterling Navajo Naja (and chain) with turquoise, spiney, bronze mix. #1193


Note:  The price above includes the pictured 18-inch, solid Sterling box chain.   This medium-sized naja has seven of the wildly popular turquoise, spiney oyster shell and bronze mix stone.  The naja has a long history in Dine' culture and lore.  Some say it originated from the breastplate on the Spanish Conquistadors' horses.  But the way it was explained by the Dine' to the Drifter is that when the naja is worn so that it hangs down from the neck over one's center core, the outward shape of the naja serves as a perimeter obstacle to evil that might enter into one's soul.  Meanwhile, the small opening at the bottom allows goodness to travel up and into one's center being—thus ensuring goodness, calmness and peace.   H'mm—perhaps one should have something to work with prior.  If it might work for you, this naja is 1.75-inches tall (not counting the bale) and is 1 and 7/8th's -inches at the widest point.  Weight, not counting the included 18-inch, solid Sterling box chain, is 22-grams, or .77-ounces. Hallmarked.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.