Navajo Sterling earrings with hand-picked Kingman turquoise crafted in "old-style" patina. #1209


Wow.  These are some fine earrings!  They are thick and have beautiful choise-color Kingman turquoise stones handpicked by the Drifter.  We incorrectly identified it as No. 8 originally (it was late and no natural light!).  In the first week of March on the cusp of Covid-19 capturing headlines every day, he went out West and spent several days picking out stones.  As you can see, we prefer quality stones with lots of matrix.  They were just finished and this is the first posting of the results of that trip.  These earrings are top-notch and are priced such as to reflect the social and economic climate at present.  Length is 1 and 3/8th's-inches, not counting the hanger, and are 5/8th's-inches at the widest point. Each weighs 10.6-grams, or .37-ounces.  Hallmarked. Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.