• Sterling Navajo old-style cuff with Kingman turquoise by Kevin Billah. SOLD! #0854

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    SOLD! Kevin Billah makes a lot of old-style patina jewelry.  Attaining that patina requires an extra step of finishing with very fine jeweler's steel wool, and is meant to approximate the appearance of something much older.  Lately it has become the preferred look as seen on magazine models, etc.  This piece weighs a respectable 2.45 ounces (or 68.7 grams if you want to do the math—we rather see ounces!).  It will fit a total wrist circumference of 6.25-inches—or about an eighth-inch either way.  Width across the top is two inches, and it is hallmarked "K. Billah."  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.