• Navajo squash blossom earrings with vintage winged liberty-head dimes, by James McCabe. #0847

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    Coin jewelry has been around since, er, coins!  James McCabe is the go-to guy for coin jewelry made by the Navajo.  He uses these old winged liberty-head dimes that were made from the 1920's to around the 1940's.  He signs his work "JMc."  Here, he has fashioned some very attractive squash blossom earrings and put a bit of an old-style patina on the Sterling silver.   Also, there is a piece of turquoise topping everything off.  Each earring weighs 6.2-grams, or .25-ounces.  Length from the turquoise stone downward is 1.5-inches.  Wear your cash and never be broke!   Always complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.