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  • Navajo squash blossom earrings with vintage winged liberty-head dimes, by James McCabe.

      James McCabe is the go-to guy for coin jewelry made by the Navajo.  He likes to use these old winged liberty-head dimes that are made from around the 1920's to around the 1940's.  He signs his work "JMc."  Here he has fashioned some very attractive squash blossoms out of Sterling silver and put a bit of an old patina on the silver. Also there is a piece of turquoise stone topping everything off.  Each earring weighs a quarter-ounce.  Length from the turquoise stone downward is 1.5-inches.  Wear your cash.  Always complimentary Priority shipping, and, we'll include a small pair of turquoise stud earrings as a bonus!