• Stunning Navajo Kingman turquoise cuff by Aaron Toadlena. SOLD! #2384

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    SOLD!  Another trophy cuff by Aaron Toadlena.  'Doubtful you'll find a cuff of this stature by Mr. Toadlena elsewhere for less than a thousand dollars.  Total inside circumference—including the 7/8th's-inch 'gap'—is 6.5-inches.  Thus, the wearer needs to have a 6.5-inch to a 6.75-inch total wrist circumference (measured around the wristbone) to wear this cuff.  In order to get the cuff on or off, the smaller, 7/8th-inch gap should not be reduced.  Prior to shipping, we can carefully expand that gap by up to a quarter-inch without damaging the cuff.  No smaller wrist circumference than 6.5-inches, nor a larger wrist circumference of 6 and 7/8th's-inches, should be considered.  We don't subscribe to the sales pitch of "gently shaping" these finer cuffs.  Buy it to fit.  Toadlena chose a cheery blue Kingman mine turquoise stone for this beautiful cuff, and he encapsulated it with his usual artful silversmithing.  This is a cuff of which to be proud.  Weight is 80.2-grams, or 2.83-ounces.  Hallmarked "Aaron Toadlena," plus it has his trademark hand stamped into the silver as well.  For decades, the Drifter has worn Tommy Singer pieces exclusively.  But if he comes across an Aaron Toadlena his size, he will proudly don it as well.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy!!