T&R Singer' longer version, 28.5-inch gold and Sterling barrel-bead necklace with natural turquoise and other stones. 2362a

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 We've sold a couple of hundred of these. Most were prior to Tommy Singer's passing and had the authentic brass tag hallmarked "T.SINGER."  There are 21-inch and a 28.5-inch versions.  This longer beauty is hallmarked "T&R Singer" and made by Tommy's  family.  They are exactly the same as Tommy's original barrel bead necklaces except for the hallmark.  And that hallmark placement is now stamped on both barrel beads.   IMHO, these barrel-bead necklaces remain the best value for the buck in Native American jewelry.  The turquoise is all real—as are the rest of the stones.  This is an early incarnation of the family's T&R Singer-brand barrel bead necklaces, acquired within a year of Tommy's passing to the other side.  The cost of all the materials used here has substantially risen since then.  I would expect recent incarnations of these strikingly attractive necklaces to be much more expensive elsewhere.  They are certainly worth whatever one pays.   Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.