The original "bar" necklace by Effie C., Zuni. SOLD! #1332

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SOLD!  Long before "bar" necklaces became a "thing," Effie C. was making bar necklaces.  The Drifter acquired a few of these five-stone necklaces about seven or eight years ago, and put this one necklace in a box of Tommy Singer pieces out of convenience, and forgot about it.  We used to call them "Effie row necklaces" or row chokers—because of the row of turquoise, or turquoise and red coral (though she also did these in various other stones as well).  We are thinking about posting the remaining original Tommy Singers so we got the box down and there was this Effie piece.  It will be the last true Effie piece we have.  The price above is the same as was before Effie's passing to the other side.   Anything made now with the "Effie C." stamp is done solely by her daughters.  The Drifter does not believe in charging a death tax.  It is 2.75-inches long and almost a half-inch wide.  It is 40.25-inches end-to-end.  Weight is 18.4-grams, or .645-ounces.  Hallmark stamp is "Effie C. Zuni."  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.