• Thick, deep-stamped, large wrist-size Sterling cuff, by Navajo Artisan Jerold Tahe. #2303c


    You're 'gonna need a big wrist.  Total inside circumference of this Sterling masterpiece is eight-inches.  It's too thick and strong to reshape, so the wearer needs to have a 7 and 7/8th's to a 8 and 1/8th-inch wrist size—measured around the wrist bone.  It's a Tonka truck kind of cuff, weighing 96-grams, or 3.51-ounces.  You need a ladder to get down into those deep designs that appear to be hand-stamped, though this artist also employs double overlay.   And, it's a bargain given today's prices.  See why we don't need to do so-called "sales?"  It's hallmarked "J. TAHE."  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.