• Thicker-gauge Sterling Navajo cuff with single Nevada Blue turquoise stone, by Leon Martinez. #0994

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    We abhors flimsy, thin-gauge tourist stuff that flexes like tin foil.  Leon Martinez is old-school and makes the kind of jewelry that we do like.  His creations are substantial and obvious in their superb craftsmanship.  And notice that knock-out turquoise stone!  A person who chooses this cuff this should have a total wrist circumference of 6.75-inches.  It can be adjusted PRIOR TO SHIPPING by an eighth-inch either way.  Be aware that buying cuffs in an inappropriate size and attempting to bend them to fit is simply not the way to go.  Wait until something comes along that is the correct size rather than take a chance on ruining the cuff.  It usually bends unnaturally at the wrong place, and bending disturbs the integrity of the settings that hold the stones.  Anyway, this is a winner at a modest price.  Hallmarked "Leon M.T.Z.."