Trophy Navajo water-web Kingman turquoise Navajo pendant. Shown with optional 5mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling 'Navajo pearls' bead chain. #1537

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NOTE:  The pictured 5mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling silver "Navajo pearls" are available as an ungrade.  This pendant ships with an 18-solid Sterling silver box chain, but the Navajo pearl bead chain can be substituted for the box chain for an additional $111.  Call or text 817 456-5600 prior to shipping and we'll change the price to reflect the upgrade.

Meanwhile, one look at this pendant and it's obvious that it is something very special.  The silversmithing is amazing.  And the bale is not solely utilitarian—it's a finely-crafted part of the package.  Then we come to that stone—it is perfect in every way as well.  Not counting the bale, the pendant is 1.75-inches long, and has a girth of 1.25-inches.  The inside diameter of that big bale is one-half-inch.  Weight is 20.7, or .73-ounces.  Hallmarked.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.