Two-piece winged liberty (mercury) dime earrings by Navajo artisan James McCabe. #2110

Through the years we've sold lots of these James McCabe liberty head dime earrings.  And we sold them for quite a bit less than listed above.  McCabe was always popular but apparently he's become famous—and expensive.  His liberty head dime bead necklaces used to be around $650, now they are very, very expensive.  If you can find someone with some old stock of these earrings that are priced for less, buy 'em quick (before we do!).  Liberty head dimes—often called 'Mercury' dimes—were made between 1916 and 1945.  They range in value from a fortune to ten cents.  They aren't very heavy at 5.7-grams, or .2-ounces.  Length is 2 an 5/8th's-inches, not counting the hangers.  They are the width of, er, a dime.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.