• Vintage Navajo red-coral squash-blossom necklace.


        The beads on this piece indicate that it was made a long time ago.  They appear to be hand-formed, not bought at the supply house like modern-day things.  The gauge of the silver is thicker and all the blossoms are perfect and opened-up nicely.   The Drifter acquired this from a client who inherited it. It is 25 inches from end to end.  Weight is 6.2 ounces.  As with many older pieces—squash blossoms in particular—it has no hallmark.  It was likely made to wear by the maker versus being made to sell.  For an in-depth explanation of why older and personal pieces of the Navajo often are not hallmarked, see the preface in "Hallmarks of the Southwest," by Barton Wright.  Remember, hallmarking is a selling tool originated by the white man in the first half of the 1900's and imposed on the Navajo—nothing more.  This is a wonderful collector piece, or, you can just wear it!  Earrings pictured are no longer available.