• Wide Sterling Navajo cuff with 30 pieces of Mediterranean red coral. #0688

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    This 2 and 1/16th-wide Sterling cuff is not for the bashful.  It stands-out like the lights of the "Strip" in the desert.  It has a fortune in the 30 pieces of red coral—making it a heck of a bargain. You may have noticed that coral is getting difficult to find.  All these settings need to remain in the same curvature, so the fit must be very close.  The wrist circumference needed to wear this is seven-inches, or a tiny bit smaller or larger.  Don't buy it thinking you can bend it to fit a different size, you will disturb the integrity of all these beautiful settings.  Weight is 4.11-ounces (116.5-grams).  It came out of a pawn vault, but it has obviously never been worn.  It isn't hallmarked (not out of the ordinary for pawn pieces that were meant to be worn—not sold), but the pawn ticket shows Victoria Yazzie—who is known for working in coral.  Always free Priority shipping within the U.S.