• Wild Horse (Crazy Horse) Navajo size 10.5 ring, by Benjamin Martinez. SOLD! #2388

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    SOLD!  Okay, let's start with the fact that Wild Horse is not turquoise!  'Same as used jewelry is not vintage unless it was made in the '60's or prior.  But I digress.  Wild Horse stone is magnesite containing enough hematite to give it that strikingly pleasant color.  It is a fairly recent discovery.  We first encountered it in the '90's.  Unquestionably, it makes for some very attractive jewelry—like the ring above. This is a big ring—big in size and big in the amount of real estate it covers.  It's a whopping 1.75-inches across lengthwise, and 1.25-inches at the widest point.  It has a solid Sterling backplate (as does every ring and pendant we sell!) with the stamp "B," which is the hallmark for Benjamin Martinez.  Weight is 17.5-grams, or .62-ounces.  This is a sharp-looking ring.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.