T&R Singer 21-inch barrel-bead Lapis necklace. Your choice of either. The turquoise ones have sold. Call or text to select. #1520

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NOTE:  THE ABOVE PRICE IS FOR EITHER OF THE TWO REMAINING 21-INCH LAPIS NECKLACES.  THE REST IN THE ABOVE PIC HAVE SOLD, BUT HAVE 10 MORE OF THE LONGER, 28.5-INCH ONES (at $449).  CALL, TEXT OR E-MAIL FOR MORE INFO.  We've sold a couple of hundred of these. Most were prior to Tommy Singer's passing and had the authentic brass tag hallmarked "T.SINGER."  These are hallmarked "T&R Singer" and are made by his family.  They are exactly the same as Tommy's original barrel bead necklaces except for the hallmark, and its placement now stamped on both barrel beads.   IMHO, they remain the best value for the buck in Native American jewelry (of course, they likely cost a lot more elsewhere!).  The turquoise is all real.  And, the price of turquoise has substantially increased lately.   For either of the two 21-inch Lapis necklaces above, simply call or text (817 456 5600) to let us know which one you want.  Free Priority shipping.